Statement of Major General Mohamed Ahmed Al Marri on the occasion of Commemoration Day

His Excellency Major General Mohamed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, said: “Sacrificing one’s life is the epitome of devotion and loyalty towards his homeland, it is an effort that cannot be matched by any other, and a priceless sacrifice. Nothing is greater than giving one’s life to fulfill the dream of prosperity, progress and stability of his country.” His Excellency added that our wise leadership decided to observe Commemoration Day on 30th of November every year, making it an occasion to pay tributeto the martyrs of the country. The occasion reminds us of the heroic acts of the UAE’s sons who bravely gave their lives to defend their homeland with prowess. It is the commemoration of loyalty and the sacrifices they made to keep the flag of the UAE flying high. His Excellency Major General Al Marri asserted that this day showsour community’s solidarity and recalls the loyalty and cohesion between the Emiratis and their wise leadership. “Our martyrs will live on eternally, through us and the generations to come, as examples of pride, honor and respect. They are role models in altruism, courage and sacrifice, who performed their duty inside the country and overseas, to preserve dignity, security and stability in our homeland, and to enable the continuation of development and prosperity. His Excellency added that on this day, we renew our commitment to remaining loyal to our homeland and its wise leadership, in order to develop it and empower it among the other nations. We pledge that the sacrifices of our martyrs will remain timeless symbols of honor and dignity to us, praying to Allah to have mercy on the protectors of this land who have drawn the most wonderful images of love and loyalty to the land through their sacrifices.
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