GDRFA Dubai concludes its participation in the activities of UAE Innovation Month 2020

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA Dubai) concluded its participation in the UAE Innovation Month 2020, which was held from February 23-27. During the week, the GDRFA Dubai reviewed its most prominent smart projects at its platform located in the Emirates Towers. In addition, GDRFA’s projects were showcased at the ‘Innovation City’ located in the Creativity and Innovation Center at its headquarters, which witnessed great participation from various government authorities officials, ministers, and other VIPs. The visitors at these locations were able to learn more about the latest innovations of GDRFA Dubai, emerging companies in the field of innovation, and innovations by university students, and interact with them and respond to their inquiries. His Excellency Major General Mohamed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of GDRFA Dubai, affirmed that the activities of the UAE Innovation Month present an ideal opportunity to emphasize the culture of innovation and enhance its role in society by developing solutions and designs for the future. These efforts fall in line with the national strategy for innovation and meet the government's aspirations to consolidate the UAE’s leadership in all fields and support its position as the capital of creativity and innovative practices. “The participation of GDRFA Dubai in this largest national event in the country is among its priorities to support innovation and enhance the development process in the country.” GDRFA Dubai platform The GDRFA Dubai platform, which is located in the Emirates Towers, witnessed a large turnout from visitors who took a look on the most prominent projects and smart services of the Directorate, represented by the safety project (FVF). It is a system that works to counter forged documents through pre-checking documents before the traveler's arrival in the country so that his trip goes smoothly. Meanwhile, the E44 project is considered a qualitative leap in the field of service delivery as it allocates a highway for land travelers. The project works on a smart system with smart cameras that read the face and plate number of the car, by entering the person’s data in advance. This contributes to the seamless passage of travelers through the land ports without human intervention. Besides, the Entry Permits 50+ project concerned with developing digital systems and smart applications using artificial intelligence techniques, which aims to automate the customer's journey by 100% and reduce the time period for providing service, was also showcased. Innovation City Innovation City featured an exhibition to display innovative projects of the Directorate as well as projects by university students and emerging companies. The exhibition, which was held at GDRFA’s Creativity and Innovation Center highlighted the national talents and capabilities in the field of innovation and showcased a number of innovative projects that have been implemented by employees and university students to meet the needs of the industrial sectors and the local community. In addition, the wheelchair project, designed specifically for quadriplegic patients, works by the patient’s head movement or by sound. It monitors user’s heartbeat while driving, which works to alert the driver with vital signs of the heart by displaying an alert message on a mini-screen facing him to reduce the speed or stop on the road. Innovative workshops GDRFA Dubai organized a number of workshops and learning sessions focused on enhancing the culture of innovation at its headquarters, coinciding with the activities of the UAE Innovation Month 2020. The workshops included a session on Artificial Intelligence, another one on improving governmental services, intellectual property rights, innovation and design thinking as well. Yet another workshop focused on taking care of creators in addition to many sessions such as the Peace Gate project, innovation in the field of procurement, the digital identity project, and the future talent project. Annual Innovation Forum As part of the activities of the UAE Innovation Month 2020, GDRFA’s Creativity and Innovation Center organized the annual innovation forum under the theme "Together we innovate," bringing together innovators from among university students, emerging companies, Directorate’s employees and customers to develop innovative and developmental solutions to the challenges faced by the GDRFA Dubai. Five major strategic challenges were discussed, including a smooth customer journey in airports, a smooth customer journey in the land and seaports, reducing number of violations by smart methods, innovation in nationality and passports services and in facility management services. The participants were divided into groups, and each group prepared an innovative model for the challenges within 100 days. The initial projects will be then presented to the Strategic Council for Innovation, Future Foresight and Projects, and transferred to the project implementation stage. Innovation Charter GDRFA Dubai launched the Innovation Pact out of its keenness to strive continuously to upgrade all businesses and services in innovative and unprecedented ways to be a role model. The charter stipulates the effective participation in making the UAE government one of the most innovative governments around the world, and spreading the concept and culture of governmental innovation and to provide a practical environment that supports innovation and is equipped with the latest technologies and tools to provide the necessary support for innovation laboratories and to embrace creative people and innovators, and to support them financially and in terms of guidance. Launch of Future Innovators platform Furthermore, GDRFA Dubai inaugurated the ‘Future Innovators Platform,’ with an aim to attract creative minds and talents from the younger generation, pioneers, innovators, inventors and inspiring university students in the country. This is done through an interactive platform for innovation in developing the services provided in the public administration. The platform works on an integrated system for selecting and attracting talented people and qualifying them through an integrated program that includes criteria for selection and classification and identifying the main challenges facing the GDRFA Dubai to provide innovative solutions. This platform also enables the submission of innovative proposals and ideas to contribute to solving the main challenges facing GDRFA Dubai in various areas of institutional work. Departments honored As part of its activities in connection with the UAE Innovation Month 2020, the Directorate honored various departments that achieved world-class innovation readiness levels of 95% in 2019. These include the Strategy and Future Foresight Department, Institutional Leadership Department, Entry Permission Management, Facility Management, and Services and Maintenance Department. GDRFA Dubai also honored the departments that implemented the ideas for the year 2019, including the Human Resources Department, the Support Systems Development Department, and the Contract and Procurement Department. Furthermore, members of the Creativity Steps Committee concerned with studying and evaluating ideas were also recognized during the ceremony held at the Creativity and Innovation Center at the GDRFA Dubai.
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