Barq Service

Complete GDRFA-D transactions by door delivery to clients

This service aims to complete GDRFA-D transactions by door delivery to clients, so that the clients do not have to visit the administration building or one of its service centers.

BARQ service allows you to complete transactions GDRFAD without leaving your home or office.

How to use this service:

  • Contact our customer service center (Amer) at 8005111.

  • The customer service center will give you all the information needed (required documents, fees) to complete your transaction.

  • The date and place of receipt and delivery of the required documents will be agreed with the client.

  • The courier company appointed by BARQ will contact the customer to get the customer’s signature on required forms and collect the required documents.

  • GDRFAD will work on completion of the transaction for the residence renewal automatically.

  • BARQ Customer service agent will communicate with customer to deliver the transaction as completed, determining date and delivery.


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