Corporate Culture

As an organization, GDRFA-Dubai is a progressive, forward-looking entity, open to the latest ideas from everywhere, whether in technological advances or the soft skills of dealing with human beings. The open-minded liberal thinking of Dubai's leadership has no doubted contributed to this hallmark attribute of the GDRFA.


GDRFA-D is quick to adopt the latest technology relevant to its work, goals and objectives. For example, it was among the first in the world to introduce smart gates to process travelers entering or leaving the country.

Employee engagement and welfare:

GDRFA values its people above everything, for the people are the organization. Through the Raeyaa program, it goes as far as selecting high-potential students at the school level, providing for their education and training through college and any specialized training needed to ensure that its people are of the highest professional calibre.

Once in GDRFA, there is a continuous process of involvement to keep the staff keenly interested and passionate about their work. About 1,825 employees have gone through 155 specialized training courses to boost their skills academically and practically. Learning is an ongoing process at the GDRFA.

The organization does not neglect other aspects of human development either. It has the perhaps the only, or one of the few, sections set up and dedicated to foster positive thinking and attitudes among its staff.

It is alive to the needs of its people and quick to respond when an opportunity arises to improve the lives of its people, whether at work or otherwise.

An ideal work environment for women

Nearly a third of the workforce at GDRFA are female: Of the 4,154 immigration workforce, 1,112 are women. It tops the list of government departments in the number of women employees recruited. A dedicated unit, the Hawa'a committee, works to provide women the best ambiance in which to achieve high performance at work as well as a balance between their jobs and their family commitments.

Friendly to the differently-abled

A number of GDRFA staff are differently-abled; the organization ensures the workplace is geared to their needs. Indeed, they have risen to the challenge and outperformed their colleagues, winning awards and even inspiring others among the differently-abled to contribute to society in significant ways.

Social responsibility

GDRFA is keenly aware of its duties to the community it exists within. Many initiatives from spreading cultural awareness to providing potable water to communities around the world have been undertaken.

National responsibility:

The GDRFA’s lives up to the duties it has towards providing jobs to Emiratis—nearly 95% of its employees are Emirati nationals.