DNRD and Dubai Health Authority data interchange system in final stages

Yesterday officials from the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD) and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) met to discuss the final stages of a data interchange system linking electronically both government entities which will see medical test records transferred electronically to DNRD offices. This project will help reduce paper work and prevent legal violations and falsification of official documents. The meeting, presided by Brigadier Obaid Bin Mheir in Suroor Deputy Director of the DNRD and attended by senior official from the DNRD and DHA, comes after months of planning. The project was trialed from May 7 to May 12. During the meeting, both parties discussed the e-system mechanism and the process of information transfer from Health Center to DNRD. They also examined possible improvements to boost efficiency in the system. “This shift to an electronic system is a vital step to developing a comprehensive database of health records for each individual. This new initiative is in line with DNRD’s goals to provide better quality services and increase efficiency and convenience for customers,” said Bridagier Obaid. The DHA/DNRDN e-tie up is one of many DNRD initiatives which apply innovations in technology and the internet to issues of immigration and border security management.
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