Dubai Residency Department organises a lecture on “work environment and employee’s ethics in the work place”

As part of the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs (GDRFA) efforts to promote the importance of Islamic culture among its staff, and in accordance with the directives of the Director General Major General Mohammad Ahmad Al-Merri, the Department of Strategy and organizational excellence in cooperation with the Department of Islamic Affairs and Welfare Works in Dubai organized an educational religious lecture entitled: “Work Environment and Employees’ ethics” with the attendance of senior officers, staff officers and other staffers from the department.   The lecture which took place at the Officers Club of the Residency Department was delivered by religious preacher Khaled Ismael from the Department of Islamic Affairs and Welfare works in Dubai.  The lecturer covered four areas including honesty, truthfulness, dedication to work and how to acquire virtues while working through modesty in dealing with customers, pursuing modern trends towards achieving professional excellence.    The lecturer urged his audience to deal nicely with all people of the community as well as their customers.  He demanded employees to excel with their work on the basis of dedication providing numerous examples on this that have stimulated his audience.   At the end of the lecture, the  GDRFA honored Mr. Ismail for his role in promoting Islamic Sharia and spreading its culture in the community.
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Tue, 06/07/2016 - 13:15
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