Continuous Learning

Brigadier Awad Al Aweem, Assistant of the General Manager, Human Resources and Finance Department, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, said the GDRFA has launched a significant development and excellence leadership project. It will bring about a massive transformation, developing the skills and abilities of the directorate's leadership team.

Al Aweem said over 4,300 GDRFA officers will receive training courses in their respective fields, to accomplish the goal of the directorate to ensure continuous progress in its performance “in line with the vision of UAE's leadership which guides us to provide the best services at government departments for customers and ensure happiness. “

In an exclusive interview, Al Aweem spoke in detail about the GDRFA Dubai's strategic plan on developing a new generation of leaders with a strong understanding of the impact they can create in serving clients as well as working toward achievements in the field of security.

The program, termed 'Excellence Leadership Program', is the outcome of an in-depth and comprehensive analysis by the expert GDRFA team of all the related aspects such as the requirements and the goals of the Directorate.

The team studied the impact the program could have on employees at various levels including directors and assistants of several departments, heads of departments and officials at branches.

The training courses will equip the leaders with skills in accordance with the requirements and goals of the Directorate and the role of the concerned official.

"Training needs of administrative staff have changed over a period, particularly in the light of the rapid technological changes, smart travel and adoption of intelligent systems in completing travelers' procedures at the Dubai International Airport, which is expecting to receive over 79 million travelers in the current year and 126 million in 2020 at the Dubai International and Al Maktoum airports. The training program will enhance skills of the officials that suit current requirements," said Al Aweem.

"We are working to our full capacity to achieve the goals of our administration to be the best whether it is in human resources or systems and their usage.

“The success we have achieved in terms of improving the performance of our individuals and also the application of the best systems and technologies is the result of efforts by all under the guidance and immense support provided by our Director General, Major General Mohammed Al Marri.

"Working in the services sector in the UAE, we need to stay constantly updated and keep working toward developing ways and systems to ensure high satisfaction of our customers and create a positive image of the UAE in all aspects. This requires a staff with a high level of commitment and knowledge about the nature and requirements of work."

The aim of the "Excellence Leader­ship Program" is knowledge-sharing among a group of leaders, spreading a culture of excellence, applying a planning mechanism in a systematic way, and developing a culture of positive values among the leaders. Also, the program aims to strengthen these leaders' views about strategic thinking and adopting international best practices in the field of advanced leadership.

The program is based on the standards of the outstanding employee in leadership positions adopted by the Dubai Government Excellence Award for governmental performance. The program includes six criteria which focus on performance and achievement, efficiency, creativity, communication and cooperation, self­education, and leadership skills. These six criteria eventually target building an effective and distinguished leadership and may promote the realization of a future administration.

Al Aweem added: "We have a forward-looking approach and hence, keep up with the challenges of the future by enhancing the capabilities of our officers and employees of all ranks.

According to the plan, all the 4,300 management employees will get into training courses and programs each in their respective fields and according to their need in 2016."

Giving details, he said the work development program plan includes:

- Interactive training on leadership skills and development,

- On-The-Job practical application and continuous improvement, -

- Thorough theoretical and practical training courses (simulation),

- Meetings on developmental issues in the workplace,

- Development of a strategic plan to suit the requirements of the workplace and

- Organizing stimulatory workshops and brainstorming sessions.

In the first phase, 320 employees working in the administration at different levels of leadership will be trained.

All GDRFA employees to enroll in training programs in 2016

He said: "Initially, the training was optional, but now it has been made mandatory for all in order to develop a generation of highly motivated and skilled leaders who can easily cope with future challenges arising as a result of the phenomenal growth in the numbers of travelers and residents, and also the security challenges being faced in the region and across the world, spreading the culture of excellent leadership through the administration."

Plan to improve GDRFA training center

Brigadier Al Aweem revealed that there was a project to refurbish the training center of the administration to be better prepared to receive trainees. "We have accomplished a lot toward enhancing the skills of our employees and still have a lot to achieve in this direction to attain our targets," he added.

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