Raeyaa program attracts 71 students

Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri,
Director-General, GDRFA-Dubai

A unique program designed to create a strong pool of qualified and skilled Emiratis in specialized domains at the GDRFA­-Dubai has attracted 71 secondary school students over the past four years.

Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of GDRFA­Dubai said the Raeyaa initiative, sponsored by GDRFA-Dubai, has been helping in creating an excellent cadre of young and talented UAE nationals who will position of responsibility at the GDRFA-Dubai.

Under the scheme, selected students pursue their university studies in specializations needed by the GDRFA-Dubai. The program, he says, helps in creating a new generation of skilled young leaders who can shoulder responsibilities at the GDRFA-Dubai and thereby contribute to improving the quality of services provided to the customers in addition to giving a momentum to the Emiratization program in the country and offering attractive jobs for UAE nationals.

Maj. Gen. Al Marri remarked that the success of any organization depends on its ability to employ and retain the right talent and also having their recruitment and training program reflect the organization's actual needs. On completion of their studies, the selected candidates are work as officers at the GDRFA-Dubai. They are provided AED 6000 a month each during their studies; the amount is higher for meritorious candidates.

Selection is based on several criteria, including Dubai Government's strategic goals, GDRFA policies and actual needs of various GDRFA Rectors. He says the program enables financially weak students to continue higher studies and get attractive jobs when they graduate.

He says the Students Affairs Section in the Department of Human Resources, Training and Development at GDRFA prepares a list of the specializations required at GDRFA-Dubai after consulting different sections and pursuing an open registration system for the students inter­ested in studying in specialized fields.

The program has been recently improved to attract elite students, and it helps take the financial burden of studies off their shoulders while ensuring a prestigious job at GDRFA-Dubai. Officials in charge of the management of the program conduct field interviews with the candidates to test their abilities to study in the specialized fields. They also visit students after they join the universities to prepare periodical reports on their academic progress taking into account the comments of faculty members.

The number of beneficiaries for the program in 2011 was 26, followed by 23 in 2012, 18 in 2013 and four in the first quarter of 2014. GDRFA-Dubai is focusing on ICT, Electronics Engineering and Statistics among other fields as it enhances its portfolio of electronic services to customers, aiming to become a fully smart department in line with the Dubai Government's Smart Government program before the deadline set for the initiative.

The program covers a number of universities in and outside the UAE, including the Zayed University, University of Sharjah, Higher Colleges of Technology and UAE University. GDRFA-Dubai offers financial benefits to students with the highest academic performance.

After the completion of their studies, they undergo a training course of six to nine months at the Dubai Police Academy to get themselves familiarized with the security sciences. They are then deployed at GDRFA-­Dubai to gain work experience before joining the Directorate. Response and interaction of students for the program have remained strong.



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