Working from Home: An Experiment

A message from the Director General

We are very proud that the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA­Dubai) has emerged not only as a center of successful technological experiments but also a hub for managerial excellence.

Our experiment to allow five of our female colleagues to work from their homes is a proof of this. The five female staff members conducted more than 131,000 transactions within a short span of five months, between May and December 2014

In fact, this experience has proved that self-monitoring your performance can be far more effective than the external supervision Some of the beneficiaries of this experiment have doubled their performance levels, from doing 250 transactions to more than 500 a day.

This new approach not only addresses the psychological, health and sociological concerns of the employees but also reflects our keenness to encourage our staff to give their best performance, be innovative at work and serve the customers with a positive attitude and sincerity, making Dubai the most desirable place in the world to work and live

I would like to say that such an experiment would not have been possible if we were not living in an era when our government of excellence uses robust technological infrastructure to enable us to turn dreams into reality and words into action.

I have no doubt that the benefits of this experiment, which we intend to expand in the future, are not limited only to those directly involved with it but also include the GDRFA and UAE society in general.

Women not only form half of our society, but they are also oversee the upbringing and safety of our future generations and leaders.

Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri
Director General GDRFA-Dubal

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