Labour camps show 98% compliance

DUBAI — With thousands of inspections being carried out in labour camps, the Permanent Labour Affairs Committee in Dubai reported 98 per cent compliance in 2010. This goes a long way in protecting workers’ rights by providing them with a proper work environment and preventing heat-related ailments. Major-General Mohammad Ahmed Al Marri, Director-General of the Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department, on Saturday said the UAE has always been keen to ensure workers’ rights and improve their conditions as per international norms. “The labour committee paid 5,990 visits to labour camps in Dubai, an average of 500 per month, spanning 3,923 inspections at work sites during the summer midday break.” Inspections are enforced in line with the midday break rule initiated in 2005 as per a Cabinet decree. The Ministry of Labour had warned stringent action against violating companies with offenders being fined between Dh30,000 Dh10,000, category downgrade, and suspension of applications for work permits for up to six months. Major-General Marri indicated a significant and constant drop in the companies flouting rules of midday break. “Of all the firms inspected last year, 98 per cent showed positive compliance with the work ban. Minor notices were issued against the remaining two per cent.” In his presentation on the mechanism of inspection, Abdullah bin Saloom, Deputy Head of the Committee, stressed that the committee’s work is based on humanitarian rather than inspection aspects. “Not only did we check on firms’ adherence to rules, but we also distributed cold drinking water, juice and snacks to the workers. We further organised several drives to develop their awareness on heat dangers,” he added.
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