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Our Strategy and Corporate Values (2017-2021)


To have the United Arab Emirates as one of the best countries in the world in achieving safety and security. (Gate of Peace)


We offer innovative services in the field of citizenship, residency, and port access in the UAE to remain the best and safest destination.


  • Leadership & Excellence
  • Institutional Loyalty
  • Customer Happiness
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Learning & Development
  • Team Work
  • Sustainability


  • Employees
  • Security & Prevention
  • Processes & Services


Stakeholders Happiness Perspective

  • Enhance institutional reputation and community security
  • Deepen career loyalty and affiliation
  • Improve the customers' relations
  • Maximize the benefit from the strategic partners and suppliers

Smart Processes Perspective

  • Increase and diversify innovative services
  • Develop the policies & regulations
  • Increase the efficiency of executing Key operations and support operations
  • Simplify operational processes and procedures and sustain their results

Organizational Capabilities Perspective

  • Establish a culture of innovation and sustainability
  • Develop the future competencies of the various institutional cadres
  • Maximize the benefit of the facilities & ensure its sustainability
  • Increase the reliability on digital technology

Financial Performance Perspective

  • Increase the efficiency of exploiting financial resources and ensure the sustainability of cash flow
  • Rationalize expenses
  • Increase and diversify revenues

Our Motto: (People's Happiness is our goal)