Distinguished Guest Service

A special service for people designated as Distinguished Guests (DGs),
who frequently visit Dubai (Managers, Businessmen, VIPs)

The Distinguished Guest Service is a special service for people, designated as Distinguished Guests (DGs), who frequently visit Dubai (Managers, Businessmen, VIPs). The DG may be of any nationality except the 33 countries whose citizens get visas on arrival.

This service offers special facilities which allow the DG to enter the emirate several times in a limited period which will be specified by the sponsor. The DG's transactions will also be completed faster, by issuing the visa electronically through the system on each visit.


  1. The DG will be present in the country for a period specified by the sponsor (1 year to 2 years).

  2. The DG will be given an E-Gate card for quick and easy entry and exit.

  3. Renewal of the subscription instead of re-registration. Each DG registers only once.

  4. Savings on effort and expense in finishing the DG's travel procedures.

  5. One-time payment facility available on request to avoid paying each time for a visa.

  6. Special gateway for DG and E-Gate card holders.

Conditions to be met:

  1. Only establishments and companies can register for D G System

  2. DG should not be less than 18 years old

  3. The DG service is for all countries except 33 countries that have visa-on-arrival status

  4. Payment of the registration fees

  5. The applicant must have previously entered the country on a visit visa


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