GDRFA Dubai provides friendly work environment for the disabled

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai recently held a brainstorming session with its physically challenged employees at a meeting at the Administration Officers' Club.

Colonel Khaled Salmeen from the Institutional Support Department, listened to employees with disabilities, taking note of their career and training needs.

He said that the GDRFA sought to provide a suitable working environment for people with disabilities and provide them with the necessary training for progress in their careers.

Salmeen also commended the efforts of employees with disabilities working in various sectors of the administration and said the GDRFA makes continuous efforts to enhance their skills and help them in attaining excellence.

The GDRFA Dubai held a forum, 'Making people with disabilities happy', with the participation of differently-abled GDRFA employees, other officials, and staff members. During the conference, Captain Faisal Balila, Director of Corporate Excellence Department in the Institutional Support Sector, explained the vision and mission of the GDRFA in Dubai and its strategic plan and institutional values. Sign language translator Abeer Zaid Al Shehhi from the Ministry of Social Affairs translated the highlights of the meeting in sign language to the employees with hearing impairment.

Lt. Col. Abdul Samad Hussein Suleiman, Deputy Assistant Director for Quality and Excellence, said that Dubai seeks to enable the integration of physically challenged workers into the administration and to involve them in all activities and events.

Manar Al Hammadi, visually impaired GDRFA Dubai employee, said she faced challenges and difficulties because of her disability but was successfully able to meet these challenges with the support of Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Direc­tor General of GDRFA Dubai.


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