Single Entry Permit For An Escort With A Patient For Treatment



Single Entry Permit For An Escort With A Patient For Treatment


-General Directorate of residency and foreigners Affairs and consular bodies that represent the State abroad grant at the time of need for foreign patient wishing to enter the territory of the State for treatment with an escort. The holder of this permit during 60 days of issuance can enter the country and stay for a period of (90) days from the date of entry extendable on the condition of attaching a medical report, duly certified

Required Documents: 

-•Copy of sponsored passport.
• Health insurance for the escort.
Financial guarantee

Conditions for entry permit for an escort single trip:
• Sponsor to be from hospitals licensed in the state.
The escort must enter with the patient having similar entry permit of patient.
The permit can be extended once by providing a medical report duly certified according to patient need to continue and extend the patient's admission with the escort.



Additional Info: 


Processing Time: 
1 working day
Service ID: 
Audience Type: 

-AED (100) the application fee.
AED (450) issuance fee.
AED (100) fee.
AED (50) service fees.
AED 1000 Financial security.

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