Competitiveness at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDRFA Dubai)

Competitiveness at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDRFA Dubai)

GDRFA Dubai continues its sustainable endeavours to enhance the competitiveness of the Emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and to consolidate its position on global competitiveness indicators, in addition to intensifying efforts and progressing the approach of excellence and continuous development, to keep pace with the requirements of the next era, and to improve the government growth.

Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri

Director General, GDRFA Dubai


What Is Competitiveness?

Most reports define competitiveness as the states’ efforts to perfectly exploit all of its resources in order to achieve prosperity for its people and to ensure )sustainable development( through using the best methods and practices. Competitiveness is considered as a modern term in the management and economics science which aims to determine the foundations, principles, and standards that measure the levels of the states’ competitiveness, competency, distinction, and development reached by its people in different political, economic, social, and cultural fields. The competitiveness standards vary according to the measuring institutions. There are different kinds of institutions, international institutions such as World Bank, and World Economic Forum (WEF), independent institutions such as the International Institute for Management Development IMD in Switzerland, and institutions that publish reports specializing in certain sectors like travel, tourism, transportation, communication, health, education and other sectors.


Competitiveness aims in general to exhibit the strengths in countries and to identify areas for improvement in the economic, political and social fields. Furthermore, it introduces best practices in those areas and presents successful policies, programs, and projects models from developed countries to countries seeking development. Various international institutions publish competitiveness reports annually and contain a list of the ranking of these countries in general, and according to other economic and social criteria.

Elements of Competitiveness:

  • The states’ published statistics, numbers, and official information.
  • Laws, systems, and policies.
  • Infrastructure and public utilities.
  • Questionnaires and views.

Measuring competitiveness:

  • Reports framework (countries, cities, regions, institutions).
  • Standards’ nature (political, economic, social, and cultural).
  • Report’s objective ( policies, regulations, infrastructure).



Source: Dubai Competitiveness Office


Competitiveness Framework at GDRFA Dubai:

  1. Detection of Relevant Indicators from Global Competitiveness Reports.
  2. Determiningthose concerned with the indicators inside & outside GDRFA Dubai.
  3. Diagnosis of Gaps.
  4. Establishment of Improvement Initiatives for Indicators.
  5. Implementing Improvement Initiatives in Cooperation with the Concerned Authorities.
  6. Impact Analysis of Improvement initiatives.
  7. Documenting lessons learned.
  8. Sending the Documented Procedures to the Central Authority for Competitiveness Reports.