Institutional Governance

Institutional Governance

Good application of governance enables organizations to be directed and monitored through adherence to the basic principles of governance (justice, responsibility, accountability, integrity, transparency) in addition to Governance seeks to achieve compatibility between government organization policies and the vision of the country and Dubai in particular.

Quality Charter

The General Department of Residence and Affairs of Foreigners undertakes to be the best in achieving quality for all stakeholders,

The General Department of Residence and Affairs of Foreigners believes that quality is everyone's responsibility and continuous improvement is the driving force for success, and is committed to improving the quality of its services and meeting the needs and expectations of customers to achieve its objectives.


Quality policy objectives
  • Effectively implement the vision and mission of The General Department of Residence and Affairs of Foreigners and create quality objectives, review them periodically and disseminate them to all concerned.
  • Work on the establishment, application and maintenance of the Quality Management System ISO 90001:2020 and continuous improvement by setting specific targets and time programs to implement them and work to achieve them and review them periodically to assess their impact by conforming to the requirements of the specified international standards.
  • Compliance with the standards of the Dubai Government Excellence Program for Outstanding Government Performance, Dubai Government Services Model and International Standard Specification requirements (ISO 9001)
  • Continuous development and improvement of services, processes and continuous auditing, and maintaining the optimal application of the system.
  • Senior management is committed to providing all materials necessary to implement and review this charter, and to work to disseminate it to all relevant groups.
  • Constantly review and improve the quality charter through continuous reviews and generalizations to employees.
  • Fully comply with all international and local requirements and laws and comply with regulated laws and general requirements.

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