The Purchase and Suppliers page of the General Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai provides the service of facilitating purchasing operations and financial procedures related to it for suppliers.

All electronic transactions submitted by suppliers through this page are subject to scrutiny, and care by the Purchase Department, and our goal always remains to achieve a successful partnership that serves the work of the Department in continuous cooperation with suppliers.

Our basic rule is to facilitate procedures and invest time to reach the goal and meet the needs of management with the basic requirements provided by suppliers, which meets the quality and integrity of administrative and financial procedures in accordance with legal conditions.

And because our motto with management suppliers is "how distinguished we are", we hope that the purchase page and suppliers will satisfy all data of e-purchase, and provide what achieves their happiness and satisfaction.

Title Release Date File Size Download Link
Supplier Guide 2019 1.44 MB   Download Link
Required documents from the suppliers to be attached on Isupplier 2019 179 KB   Download Link
Isupplier-GRP training material 2019 1.37 MB   Download Link
The Voice of Supplier’s channel Guide 2019 839 KB   Download Link
Supplier evaluation before supply / providing services 2019 167 KB   Download Link
Supplier evaluation after supply / providing services 2019 143 KB   Download Link
Supplier Happiness Survey 2019 105 KB   Download Link
Law No. (8) of 2014 Amending Law No. (6) of 1997 2014 400 KB   Download Link
Law No. (2) of 2009 Amending Law No. (6) of 1997 2009 463 KB   Download Link
Law No. (6) of 1997 2009 564 KB   Download Link