Futures & Foresight

Futures & Foresight

GDRFA Centennial – 2071


GDRFA Centennial towards 2071, is a futuristic plan designed in alignment with the Fifty Charter of the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE Centennial 2071. It is characterized by its flexibility and its suitability to the surrounding variables, whether local or global.


GDRFA Centennial Dimensions

  1. Security
  2. Society and quality of life
  3. Laws and legislation
  4. Futuristic Customers
  5. Human resources and talents
  6. Economics and Financial Sustainability
  7. Digital transformation


GDRFA Centennial goals

  1. Enhance the reputation of GDRFA
  2. Enhancing the income sources in the entity
  3. Invest in talent management
  4. Contribute to building a value system that supports quality of life standards in the community of the Emirate of Dubai
  5. Anticipating local and global changes to achieve the highest degree of readiness for various challenges
  6. Develop policies and legislation based on flexibility and adaptation to various developments