Issuance of a medical companion visa (Single -Multi-trips)

Issuance of a medical companion visa (Single -Multi-trips)

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An accompanying visa is given to a foreigner to travel with the patient receiving medical care there. The visa is valid for single and multiple trips totalling 90 or 180 days. The guarantor/host, in this case, is a health facility licensed in the country. A visa may also be granted to the companions/accompaniers of the treatment recipient.
1. A personal photo.
2. A passport copy, valid for less than 6 months.
3. A copy of the patient's visa.
4. A letter from the hospital.
Digital channels (website/smart application):
1. Log in to the smart services system through (UAE Pass or username).
2. Search for the service to be applied for.
3. Fill in the application data, where applicable.
4. Pay the service fee (if any).
90-day treatment visa fee for one trip: AED200
Fee for a 180-day treatment visa for a single trip: AED500
In addition to the value-added tax (5%).
90-day treatment visa fee for one trip: AED300
Treatment visa fee for 180 days for one trip: AED900
In addition to the value-added tax (5%).

Financial guarantees:
Single trip guarantee: AED1000
Multiple travel guarantee: AED2000
Warranty service fee: AED20
Fee for collection and return of the guarantee: AED40

Additional fees (if the sponsored person is inside the country):
Knowledge dirham: AED10
Innovation dirham: AED10
Fee inside the country: AED500

Note: The total amount of the visa may vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the sponsored person or for other reasons that may require that.
If a companion is given an entry visa to accompany a patient for treatment, the companion must enter the country with the patient and have an entry visa that is the same as the patient's entry visa (single or multiple trips). The extension of the companion is only made if the patient's entry visa is extended. In all cases, the beneficiary must have health insurance, and The prescribed financial guarantee is provided.
Digital channels (website/smart application):
The service is available 24/7
48.0 Hour(s)

Service details last updated on: 23/05/2023

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