Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Managing the relationship with partners

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners affairs is keen to take care of partners and give them great care as one of the most important pillars in achieving the national agenda and strategic goals. The General Administration manages the relationship with its partners in accordance with international best practices, as it applies the ISO 44001:2017 standard, which includes all stages of partnership management operations, which contributes to Achieve added value and benefiting from shared capabilities, resources and knowledge, which is positively reflected on levels of happiness and continuous improvement and development projects and initiatives.

Partnership Definition

Partnership is an agreement or joint action between two or more parties, that inputs responsibilities and outputs that define and contribute achieving common strategic goals, developing operations and services provided, and achieve mutual benefits for adding values to both parties.

Partnerships Framework

Partnership establishment

  • Identify and define partners
  • Establish selection criteria
  • Prepare and sign agreements
  • Initial business plan

Implementation and follow-up of the partnership

  • Joint work plan
  • Implementation of initiatives and projects
  • Performance follow up

Partnership evaluation

  • Performance indicators results
  • Satisfaction Survey results
  • Partner evaluation results

Partnership development

  • Improvement plans
  • Close feedback
  • Continuation or termination of the partnership
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