Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and Creativity

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai believes that innovation is its path to a prosperous future. Therefore, we are committed to constantly strive to improve all our services in innovative and unprecedented ways that are tailored to the needs of customers and are proactive to ensure that we provide the highest international standards to achieve a decent and sustainable quality of life.

We are committed to develop ideas in collaboration with universities and startups to help create digital and future projects, and to ensure our business resilience and readiness for the future.

Innovation Management Reference:

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs adheres to the requirements of the innovation Management specification ISO 56002:2019 across all of its subsidiary sectors within the emirate of Dubai.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai, represented by its leadership and employees, believes that innovation is our way to a prosperous future. Therefore, we are committed to constantly and relentlessly striving to improve all our work and services in innovative and unprecedented ways to be a role model in the world. We pledge to our employees and society that we will:

  • Actively contributing to making the UAE government one of the most innovative around the world
  • Spreading the concept and culture of government innovation among our employees, partners, customers and the local community
  • Providing a practical environment that supports innovation and is equipped with the latest technologies and tools to provide the necessary support for innovation labs.
  • Embracing creators and innovators and motivating them financially and morally.
  • Conducting local and international benchmarks to identify the best practices in the field of innovation.
  • Motivating everyone to present innovative and pioneering ideas through innovation platforms and all available channels.
  • Preparing legislation, policies and regulations that preserve intellectual property rights and patents.
  • Building collaborative and strategic partnerships with the government and private sector and institutes and universities in the field of innovation.
  • Launching initiatives in cooperation with international institutions and companies specialized and pioneers in the field of innovation.

We humbly request from you to:

  • Share with us your innovative ideas to develop our smart services, processes, policies and applications.
  • Commitment to honesty and credibility when submitting a suggestion to attribute the idea to its owners in a way that protects the intellectual property rights for all.
  • Actively, constructively and continuously participate with us in programs, courses, meetings and innovation labs.

Our Values:

  • Credibility: Dealing with the proposers with transparency, justice and fairness, away from any bias.
  • Responsibility: Receiving proposals and dealing with them professionally and promptly.
  • Efficiency: Responding to all proposals submitted without delay, while making every effort to respond to them in a timely manner.

Positive: Every idea presented we deal with it with an unconventional view and we examine all ways to put it into practice.

  • Innovators Discovery & Insights
  • Training & Resources
  • Technology & Infrastructure
  • Networks & Ecosystems
  • Learning societies / Innovation Entrepreneurs Club / Innovation in lines magazine
  • Ideas programs / Hackathon / Innovation studio groups
  • Future Accelerators / Brainstorming Sessions
  • Ideas programs / Hackathon / Innovation studio groups
  • Effective channels of communication with employees
  • Encouraging Innovation
  • Sponsorship & Leadership
  • Clear Mission & Vision
  • Values
  • Innovative culture & environment
  • Innovation Structure & Relationships
  • Innovation Governance Processes
  • Innovation Governance Metrics
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Innovation Funding
  • Innovation Budget Management
  • External Investment


Create an environment that supports innovation by motivating all organizational units to systematically implement innovation, thus, building innovative skills to sustain the innovation process to make Dubai the safest and happiest destination.


The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship seeks to be the world’s most innovative sector in achieving security and safety.

  • Fostering the culture of innovation
  • Create an environment conducive to innovation
  • Motivate all organizational units to systematically apply innovation
  • Build innovative skills to sustain innovation
  • Leadership and excellence
  • Customer happiness
  • Research, experiment, and development
  • Team spirit
  • Institutional loyalty
  • Sustainability
  • Intellectual honesty