GDRFA issues 12 reports on the future of its sectors in preparation for the post-Covid-19 phase

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA Dubai) issued 12 reports in preparation for the post-Covid-19 phase. The reports shed light on potential challenges GDRFA’s sectors could face in the future. These include the human resources sector in light of the changing nature of job roles and structures in addition to the air, sea and land ports sector in terms of the future operations of entry and exit of travelers. Furthermore, the reports focus on the issuance process of entry and residence permits and their future requirements, in addition to anticipating the challenges that could face the sector which follows-up on violators and foreigners. The reports also shed light on future trends at various local, regional and global levels related to GDRFA’s fields of work, including the security, safety, health, sustainability, quality of life, shared economy, future government services, cultural identity, education and employment. In light of these findings, 13 future scenarios have been envisioned and 23 recommendations and proposals have been suggested in order to find innovative solutions and develop proactive plans that ensure Dubai’s readiness for the future. This would contribute to improving the current situation and developing the government work system in preparation for the future in the next 50 years. Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General, GDRFA Dubai, affirmed that the Directorate has placed future preparedness within its strategic plans since the government launched the UAE strategy for the Future in 2016. It aims to seize opportunities, anticipate early challenges and put in place proactive long-term measures to ensure readiness for the future in all sectors. It encourages a forward-thinking approach that depends on flexibility and innovation. He said that the unprecedented situation that we are navigating today confirms our ability to coexist with the changes and create new models and skills that are more flexible, and this is what we have seen through the remote work system. He further pointed out that the UAE has a future vision based on preparedness and this is what enabled it to deal with Covid crisis and the measures taken to contain the pandemic. The UAE demonstrated its ability to face this challenge thanks to its proactive methodology and the recent success of the Hope Probe mission to Mars once again confirms that our country is a great country that does not know the impossible, he said.
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