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Golden Visa (Doctors)

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This service grants a (Golden Residency Visa) for specialized talents and researchers in various fields of science and knowledge for a period of (10) years without a sponsor and subject to renewal (granted to applicant and his family member)
1. Copy of labour card
2. Copy of labour contract from MOHRE
3. Copy of the sponsored residency
GDRFA-Dubai Smart Application
1. Download the GDRFA-Dubai application through the authorized stores: Apple store/Play store
2. Register a new user account (in case there is no account registered)
3. Select the required service
4. Attach the required documents
5. Pay the fees due for the service
6. Submit the request

AMER Center:
1. Head to one of the service branches of the Amer Centers
2. Select the required service at the receptionist
3. Submit the required documents to the service employee
4. Checking documents
5. Pay the fees due for the service
6. Submit application

Note: a text message + an email is sent to the customer with the status of the application:
• If there are missing documents on the application, the customer is notified of the need to attach the missing documents within 30 days, and if the missing documents are not attached, the application will be canceled.
• In case there are no missing documents in the application, the customer will be notified of the approval and the approved application will be sent by e-mail.
This service costs 2790 AED
10 years golden visa:
Residency fees (2790 AED)
ID fees (1070 AED)

5 years golden visa:
Residency fees (2280 AED)
ID fees (575 AED)
1. Submission of an accredited letter by Health Authority or Ministry of Health in the country stating the doctor’s practice of the medical profession (Medical License).

Note: The family of the applicant with a specialized talent is granted a Golden Visa for the same period granted to the applicant.
Smart App:
The service is available 24/7

AMER: Sunday to Thursday (from 08:00 till 20:00)
This service has no additional information
Amer Centre

Service details last updated on : 22/03/2022

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